Monday, 30 November 2015

General Body Meeting on 06.12.2015

No: AIAP-10/08/2015                                                        Dated at  Kolkata-12, the 27.11.2015

Notice is hereby given that the General Body Meeting of this Association will be held at Barabazar HO (5th Floor), Kolkata-700007 on 6th December 2015 (Sunday) at 11.30 hrs to discuss the following items of Agenda :-

i)                   Confirmation of the proceedings of the last GB Meeting.

ii)                 7th Pay Commission Report and Cadre restructuring.

iii)              45th Circle conference to be held at Digha Dt-Midnapore on 9th and 10th January,2016

iv)               Organizational and Financial Review.

v)                  Role of IP/ASP in the context of IT Modernisation.

vi)               Miscellaneous items with the permission of the chair.

All members are requested to attend the meeting in time

Date : 27.11.2015                                  (ARUP KUMAR SEAL)

           Kolkata                                                 Circle Secretary

Friday, 20 November 2015

CHQ News : 7CPC Report : Department of Posts


 The request made to Hon'ble Chairman, 7CPC through Memorandum dated 1/7/2014 and during the course of meeting at Mumbai on 7/11/2014 for up-gradation of GP of Inspector Posts from Rs. 4200/- to Rs. 4600/- is considered. As per the recommendations of the 7CPC, ASP will be placed to higher pay and Superintendent's GP enhanced from Rs. 4800/- to Rs. 5400/-.  CHQ sincerely thanks to 7CPC. 

Our cadre report is at page no. 471. 

Highlights of the 7CPC for Department of Posts employees : 

Postal Services Board :

The Commission has examined the demand for granting apex level to the members of the PSB and is of the view that adequate functional justification for the same does not exist. ( Para 11.8.11)

The Commission however is no t in favour of creating an additional post of member to discharge the financial function and is of the view that the portfolios of the six members can be so re-arranged that the need to create a new post of Member is obviated. ( Para 11.8.12)

IPS (Group – A):
In so far as Director, National Postal Academy is concerned, the view taken is that functional justification from upgrading the post to Apex level does not exist. As far as the rest of the demands for upgradation / creation of posts are concerned, these are administrative matters, which may be taken up with the concerned departments in the government. ( Para 11.8.15)

Postmaster Cadre :
The Commission recommends that while 25 percent of the posts of Senior Post Master may continue to be filled up from Post Master Gr.III through seniority based promotions, eligible officers from the Post Masters’ cadre (Postmaster Gr.II and Postmaster Gr.III) may also be permitted to appear for LDCE along with Inspector (Posts) for the balance 75 percent of the Senior Postmasters’ posts ( Para 11.8.18)

Inspector Cadre :
The Commission, therefore, recommends that Inspector (Posts) who are presently in the GP 4200 should be upgraded to GP 4600. With this upgradation, Inspector (Posts) shall come to lie in an identical grade pay as that of their promotion post of Assistant Superintendent of Posts (ASPOs). A higher grade would thus need to be extended to ASPOs. Accordingly, the Commission recommends that the promotional post of ASPOs be placed in the next higher GP 4800 and further, the post of Superintendent (Posts), which is presently in the GP 4800, be moved up to GP 5400 (PB-2). ( Para 11.8.21)

Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants / LSG / HSG-II / HSG-I:

The Commission is of the view that there is no justification for enhancement of minimum educational qualifications for Direct Recruits for Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants from Class XII to Graduation and the entry grade pay from GP 2400 to GP 2800. No justification for upgrading LSG, HSG-II & HSG-I (Para 11.8.23 & 11.8.24)

P A ( SBCO) :

The Commission is therefore of the view that no upgradation is warranted. As regards grant of cash handling allowance, the Commission is of the view that with the spread of banking and internet based payments coming into vogue there is no merit in granting an allowance for handling cash. ( Para 11.8.27).

Postman :
The Commission has noted the entry level qualifications prescribed (Class X or ITI for MTS) as also the work content, and is of the view that there is no justification for further raising the entry grade pay of Postman. ( Para 11.8.29)

Mail Guard :
As no modification in the grade pay of Postman is recommended, the Mail Guard shall also be placed in same pay level. ( Para 11.8.33)

Multi Tasking Staff :

No upgrade is considered necessary for either MTS-domestic or MTS-foreign posts. ( Para 11.8.37)

Binders :

There is no justification for raising the entry grade pay as sought. ( Para 11.8.39)

Artisans :
The Commission is of the view that no anomaly exists in the present pay structure of these posts. The cadre of artisans in the Department of Posts shall accordingly be extended only the corresponding replacement level of pay. ( Para 11.8.43)

Translation Officer :

The Commission, therefore, suggests that a comparative study of the job profiles be carried out by the department to arrive at the precise job content and a view taken thereafter. ( Para 11.8.45)

Technical Supervisors :
No upgrade is recommended. (11.8.47)

Gramin Dak Sewaks:

The Commission has carefully considered the demand and noted the following:
a. GDS are Extra-Departmental Agents recruited by Department of Posts to serve in rural areas.
b. As per the RRs, the minimum educational qualification for recruitment to this post is Class X.
c. GDS are required to beon duty only for 4-5 hours a day under the terms and conditions of their service.
d. The GDS are remunerated with Time Related Continuity Allowance (TRCA) on the pattern of pay scales for regular government employees, plus DA on pro-rata basis.
e. A GDS must have other means of income independent of his remuneration as a GDS, to sustain himself and his
Government of India has so far held that the GDS is outside the Civil Service of the Union and shall not claim to be at par with the Central Government employees. The Supreme Court judgment also states that GDS are only holders of civil posts but not civilian employees.

The Commission endorses this view and therefore has no recommendation with regard to GDS. ( Para 11.8.49 & 11.8.50)

Separate Cadre for S As / M Es :
System Administrators and Marketing Executives have demanded creation of separate cadres with higher pay scales. Presently incumbents of these posts are drawn from the cadre of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistant Cadre.

The V and the VI CPC have also dealt with this issue and have not recommended separation of cadres. The Commission also does not see any rationale for creating separate cadres. (Para 11.8.51 & 11.8.52)

Seventh Pay Commission Pay Scale - Introduction of Matrix Pay

Seventh CPC is recommending a Pay matrix with distinct Pay Levels instead of Running Pay bands and Grade Pay.
The new pay matrix for civilian employees


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Seventh Pay Commission to submit report on November 19 (Tomorrow 19.30 Hrs.)

To read the news published in daily newspaper 'The Times of India' dated 17.11.2015, please CLICK HERE. 

To read the news published by Press Trust of India (PTI) dated 17.11.2015, please CLICK HERE. 

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Transfer and posting in Ps-Gr B in WB Circle

Instructions for handling RD Default Fee for Oct.2015 in case of RD Accounts attached to MPKBY Agents and PRSG Leaders in CBS Offices.

Copy of Directorate's eMail

Respected Sir/Madam


I am directed to inform that due to problems in accessing Agent Portal, many MPKBY Agents and PRSG Leaders could not prepare their RD LOTs in the portal from last week of Oct. 2015. Relaxations were given to accept their LOTs in the EXCEL sheet for regular deposits and at the counter through CRDP menu for default/rebate/POSB cases on 30th and 31st Oct. 2015.


This office is receiving representations and references for waiving off the default fee for Oct.2015 for those accounts which the agents still not able to present up to 31st Oct. of Post Offices were not able to accept business through EXCEL sheet or at the counter due to paucity of time.


It has been decided by the competent authority that CBS Post Offices may waive default fee in such genuine cases. For this, CBS Post Office has to take following action:-


1. Write Error Book mentioning name and agency number of the agent and amount of default fee not taken.


2. Since, Finacle will charge default fee, the amount to be waived should be noted at the end of the RD Consolidation and only RD Default fee collected at the counter (from general public) should be entered in the SB Cash/CSI System (in Mysore Division only).


3. Copy of agent list of such accounts should be kept in a guard file. (list should have Date, Agent ID, Account number, Default fee waived)


This process can be followed till all the agents are able to deposit their funds for the month of Oct. 2015. For any account being presented or included in the list where system is calculating default fee for Nov. 2015 default fee should not be waived.




(Kawal Jit Singh)

Assistant Director (SB-II)
Postal Directorate
New Delhi

Contact No. 011-23036224, 011-23036224, 011-23096108, 011-23096108,

Mob:- 09899998054, 09899998054