Tuesday, 20 February 2018

MDO on Developing Insurance Business at International management Institute , Kolkata-700027

Presenting special cover, momento and discussing issues with Secretary Posts by GS, President and Treasurer

Sh. Manjunath Hubli CHQ President, Sh. Rajiv Kumar GS, Sh. Praveen Prasson Treasurer, Sh. P Ajit  vice President and Sh Vikas Sharma AGS, Sri Permanand OGS met with Secretary Posts, Members Posts, DDGs and Director level officers in Directorate on 19.02.2018 and discussed on all pending issues and submitted resolutions also. Secretary Posts has heard each issue patiently and assured to intervene the matter personally for uniformity in Pay fixation, Cadre restructuring, issuance of combined seniority list of IPs from 2001 onwards.

 1. Pay fixation file is now under examination by IFA wing for financial implications. Thereafter it will go to DoE for seeking approval. It may took some more time.

 2. Seniority lists from 2001 onwards will b issued in phased manner from today's onwards.

 3. As per Hon'ble Apex Court's order vacancies recalculation work for PS Gr B exam held in year 2012 is going on and fresh result for 2012 year will b declared. Thereafter result for PS Gr B exam held in year 2016 will b declared and DPC for 2017-18 will held soon after issuance of combined seniority list of IP.

 4. Regarding Cadre restructuring, many circles have not yet submitted comments. All circle Secretaries and CHQ office bearer are requested to ensure immediate compliance of DTE. letter.There is a good response from Administration on this issue.

 5. In Pay fixation issue, it has found that file will go to DoE MoF for seeking approval for uniformity in Pay for all IPs but it seems that it may took few months for approval as financial implications from other deptt is pending

Source : CHQ

Final draft All India Seniority lists of Inspector Posts for the years 2001 and 2002